Feature Attractions

For Canada 150, several feature attractions have been added to the festival between 1:00-5:00 p.m. The following is a listing of each of those attractions. As each feature attraction is announced, it will be added to this webpage.

The most-recent update to this webpage was: April 3, 2017.


Zorb Balls

A zorb ball is designed for those who are seeking to get excitement. It is safe and fun for rolling around inside an orb which generally made of transparent plastic. The zorb is double-sectioned which has one ball inside the other with an air layer between.

mini-monster-truckMonster RC Trucks

Zoom around and over obstacles with ease using Monster RC Trucks! Monster RC trucks are great for people who want a maneuverable RC vehicle that can conquer any type terrain. There is no terrain that is any problem for these beasts!

Human Foosball

Join a life-size game of foosball! Played like the classic tabletop game, each team will consist of six players and two teams will square off in each game that will give the winner ultimate Canada 150 bragging rights!